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KGL Design Studios was born by complete accident. Katerina, for whom KGL Design Studios was named after, found herself unemployed and short on rent at the very beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020. Resourceful as always, she brainstormed which marketable skills she could use to keep a roof over her head while she searched for a new job. She found a website called Thumbtack, where she listed her website and graphic design services and waited. And prayed.


She got her very first lead, and another, and another, and another! -until she made her rent payment in two weeks. In just a short amount of time, what was supposed to be just a temporary side hustle turned into a fervent desire to help local businesses and organizations thrive by elevating their digital presence through web design. Normally used to designing everyone else's brand kit, it was finally time for Katerina to make a brand of her own and she struggled! After many weeks of designer's block, she finally realized that she is the brand. You will find very quickly that every word, every graphic, and every animation designed at KGL Design Studios gives a glimpse into who Katerina is as a person: simple yet sophisticated, modern yet traditional, vibrant yet reserved. This is her style and this is the style that links all KGL Design Studios projects together, whether the industry is art, real estate, or cars.

Because for Katerina, these designs are not just websites. They are the vehicle of making dreams come true and impacting others' lives for the better. And so, clients are not just customers, and KGL Design Studios is not just a website design company. It's a family. It's a place where time is spent laughing, smiling, and enjoying creating designs that make you go "wow." Katerina loves designing and you'll love her designs all the more because of it. If you can't wait for her to design for you, get in touch today so KGL Design Studios can design something beautiful for you too.

About The Studio


About The Designer
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Katerina is a millenial global health professional trained at Johns Hopkins, crochet artist, content creator, educator, gamer, gardener, and cat mom! She is a very busy girl with big dreams that she's making into reality, one dream at a time. She loves helping people, and her biggest pet peeve is when others are inconsiderate of other human beings. Everything she does is with the desire to be the change she wants to see. However, even if she accomplishes none of these goals, she knows that her life matters because she loves and she cares.

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